Monday, 18 November 2013

Gift Ideas - Beautiful Unique Jewelry

Lovely, highly oxidized, fine silver botanical necklace with deep green emerald accent. The pendant was molded from an antique button using eco-friendly metal clay. The silver is reclaimed from old film stock and other sources and mixed with non-toxic binders to make clay. When it's fired the binders burn off leaving 99% pure silver. It's about 21" long with another 1" for the pendant. At
TURQUOISE NECKLACE. Green Turquoise Pendant. Handmade turquoise necklace in sterling silver. The pendant is signed and dated by the artist. The entire piece, pendant and chain, is sterling silver. This is a very substantial handmade chain. The turquoise stone, which is the focal point of the pendant, is a beautiful blueish-green stone with tan colored matrix giving the piece an appealing natural appearance. At

5/8- 16mm- Gemstone plugs- surgical steel single flare tunnel plugs & raw crystal point gemstones. At
5/8 plugs, 16mm plugs, gemstone plugs, stone plugs, crystal points, custom plugs, tunnels, single flare, gauges, surgical steel,
Art Nouveau was my inspiration for simple, yet elegant, drop earrings. Violet and iridescent faceted glass beads sparkle purple, blue, green and gold in the light. Ear wires were hand formed from artistic wire in gunmetal bronze for a vintage feel, and hammered flat for a distinctive look. Earrings hang approximately 1.75 inches. At
Art Nouveau Inspired Violet Faceted Glass Drop Earrings
Beautiful ceramic earrings infused with magical properties of the forest. The duo is finished with hand-cut brass and copper leaf detailing.  At
Pagan Charm Earrings
Amethyst and Labradorite have been used to create this amazing statement pendant, which hangs on a thick leather necklace and is adjustable - the pendant measures 60mm.
The amethyst looks amazing, with little purple inclusions. There is a labradorite gemstone embedded in her neckline.
Handcrafted and absolutely one of a kind.  At

Friday, 8 November 2013

Handmade Items for Christmas!

  • You can pick up honestly made items at honest prices. 
  • It almost guarantees that no one will give the same gift as you!
  • Many items are much more environmentally friendly than store bought items. 
  • You are helping to keep the crafting and design industry alive. With this, will come more unique and beautiful items available each year.
  • Every product you buy from a maker will tell a story, whether it’s about the maker, the materials used, or the making process. Stories create connections and people are more likely to appreciate your gift when they know who made it and how it was made.
  • The best reason to buy handmade of course, is that every single product you buy was made with care and love. And that’s what Christmas is all about.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Spotlight on Equus Spirit Jewellery

Turquoise and leather necklace
Anna Brindle is the creative force behind this gorgeous Etsy shop.
She tells us a little bit about herself & her beautiful work...
"Hello, My name is Anna.I am a British girl born and bred who relocated to Sweden.Whilst adapting to a new life in Scandinavia i found myself with some spare time on my hands, So between work,Caring for our horses and assisting on the family farm i started to make bridle charms and Equine rhythm beads to keep myself busy....I was soon asked whether i could make matching browbands...The requests kept coming !...Matching bracelet ? Horsey themed necklace ?....So now,A year or so on, I design and make all kinds of horse and human jewellery and even the the odd dog collar.I enjoy searching for unusual semi precious stones and crystals,Finding beautiful beads and findings and then creating something out of them.I hope you enjoy my offerings!" 
Visit the shop at
Semi precious cowgirl bracelet

Friday, 16 August 2013

Spotlight on Aquarian Bath

From Herbs to Soap on an Eco Friendly Bath and Body Journey

Cory Trusty is the wonderful creator of Aquarian Bath
This is what she says about her gorgeous shop on Etsy 
Aquarian Bath Inc is an herbalist owned small business. Natural ingredients always come first. Whether growing my own herbs organically or purchasing certified Organic herbs, I always am very particular with these ingredients checking ingredients for proper color and taste. My products have always been chemical fragrance free and dye free. Most of my soaps are scented with pure essential oils, which are a higher quality and more expensive natural ingredient with aromatherapy benefits. Aquarian Bath soaps have also always been Palm Oil free or Orangutan friendly. Though many sellers list "sustainable palm" as one of their ingredients, the definition of sustainability is questionable. I recommend reading eco journalist Ashley Schaeffer on The Rain Forest Action Network for ongoing news on the topic of palm oil and sustainable palm oil. The majority of my soaps and shampoo bars are now vegan. Products do not contain GMOs or SLS.

Aquarian Bath is a work in progress as we continually work toward reducing our ecological foot print in terms of energy and material consumption and choosing the most eco friendly ingredients.

 Visit Aquarian Bath @

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Spotlight on The Gypsies Caravan

An incredibly beautiful shop on Etsy is The Gypsies Caravan, in fact you could spend an hour just looking through the sensational photographs of the goodies on offer. In her shop announcement, Moon Flower says: Thank you for stopping by my caravan of handmade unique, original creations. A life of travels, cultures all blessed with kind spirits. Nature not only inspired these creations, but allowed my hands and soul to be free. Here are my makings, created with love, to bring you good spirits. 
The Gypsies Caravan is at

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Pretty Purples - Sassy, Sexy & Passionate Goodies!!!

This bracelet is a must have for any boho beauty. :) Lovely enough to pair with fancy attire, and comfy enough to wear to yoga class. A spin on the recent wrap bracelet trend, I paired one hand dyed silk ribbon with old Kuchi coins (typically seen decorating belly dance costumes!) and coordinating gold-toned spacer beads that are embossed with a simple pattern reminiscent of traditional Tibetan silver beads.
BOHO BEAUTY - divine

Soft, fleecy black spun yarn and loose knit grey yarn with just a hint of sparkle make the 3 inch purple scale flower really pop! These falls are of medium thickness with 24 strands, and are constructed on high quality no pull hair elastic. This listing is for a set of two hair falls. The current length is 27" but they can be cut to suit you.
So Pretty

These earrings feature Garnet and Purple Magnesite stones. They are elegant, sexy, sassy, flirty, fun...whatever style you want - so versatile!
Passionate &
Little blue tie dyed triangle top, made of recycled cotton (and lined with cotton as well!) Extra long tie dyed braided straps tie around neck and back add extra movement, texture and beautiful colors all woven together. The ties can be tied several different ways, have fun trying it out for yourself and see what is most comfortable! (and if the ties are too long, simply cut as desired length, re tie the ends and then use the extra piece as an anklet, friendship bracelet, headband etc! so fun!!) Gorgeous cascading waterfall of tie dyed cotton fringe adorns the center of the chest for fun and dramatic flair! (and again, if the fringe is too long it can be cut to suit your specific needs!) AwEsOMe! Fully adjustable!!!
Blue & beautiful.

All of these gorgeous items are available to purchase!
Simply click the links!